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Written by Guest Blogger, Samuel J.

SOLVED BY: The students of Walnut Grove Secondary

This is a document regarding the violent mystery of the Library Murders, and the events that resulted in the successful apprehension of the mysterious killer. Please refer to the first document describing the events of the stated case to further understand the information the LIPD is allowing to be shared in this document.

After the unfortunate death of Investigator Wally, the LIPD felt the need to secretly move their headquarters to the library of WGSS, the very site of Wally’s murder, and a place where the murderer would least suspect the LIPD would be. Or so they thought...

Fellow colleagues of Investigator Wally suspected that the reason for his end was due to his knowledge of the murderer’s identity. By that time, the killer had already been called many names: the Page Ripper, the Story Ender, the Literary Anarchist, and many more. There was no denying that this criminal had made a mark upon the world and was indeed, a Code Red priority. After the autopsy of Investigator Wally, with no clues of any kind of the killer’s identity (except for the murder weapon, which was a heavy book), LIPD members discovered a note left behind by Investigator Wally as they were cleaning out his office... one that placed his trust in those sharp enough to figure out the mystery on their own. Wally’s note pointed to all of the clues he left behind, including his crime board. However, after many tumultuous days and nights, the LIPD sought out the help of the WGSS students. Within a span of two weeks, the case was solved: thanks to the intelligent minds of the students, it was discovered that Wally did not piece his clues together for his successors, but in truth, he hid a secret message within his crime board and belongings, one that carefully spelled out the name of the offender. Various students banded together and noticed that hidden in multiple places within collected notes and clues, there were red letters, ones that spelled out a single name: R. Harpur: The library technician of WGSS.

The offender, who was close by, was promptly apprehended. She made no attempt to resist. Later, after her sentence to prison, the LIPD discovered that she had the same idea as they did: always go somewhere the enemy would least expect you to be.

After a fair amount of difficulty trying to get the killer to speak, R. Harpur, known to the WGSS students as “Mrs. Harpur” finally began to confess, and, quoted by those leading the interrogation, she spoke in a “gleeful and frightening way”. Harpur declared that Investigator Wally had used her as an informant during his work on this case. Wally was fully aware of her knowledge with books and the Biblioverse and frequently referred to her for guidance. Little did he know that she knew more than he thought. Near the end of her confession, Harpur stated that on the night of his death, Wally arrived at the school’s library, late at night, to confront Harpur himself. However, Harpur had already been aware of his discovery and was waiting in the darkness. She then bludgeoned his head with a nearby book.

That was the end of the interrogation. Harpur made no more comments and gave no more information, including her reasons for her turn to crime and villainy. All she said was, “This was my way of marking myself in the history of every book, world, and page. I have finally made a name for myself.” She provided no further details. This is all the information the LIPD is allowing the public to see. Mrs. Harpur was taken to a confidential location and is currently under secure supervision by the LIPD. This is the end of the Literary Anarchist... OR IS IT????


Hence, that was the case of the Library Murders. The chase across the pages. The end of fear across the Biblioverse.

The LIPD would like to give a formal word of gratitude to all those who took part in the capture of the Literary Anarchist, especially the students of WGSS. The LIPD promises that such a case will never happen again. All those who attempt to fracture the balance of the Biblioverse and its peace will be brought to justice.



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