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Written by Guest Blogger, Samuel J.

LEAD BY: Investigator Wally (recently deceased), continued by WGSS students

This is a document regarding the violent mystery of the Library Murders. For the past 6 months, the LIPD (Library Investigative Police Department) have noticed a sudden surge in the number of murders across the multiple dimensions of the Biblioverse, especially a suspicious trail of bodies being found at the locations of libraries. In the Wizarding World dimension, a person was found dead in the library of Hogwarts. In the History dimension, in the Victorian Era, another victim was found killed on the steps of a library. In the Series of Unfortunate Events dimension, a library was burned down. In the DC dimension, the city of Gotham found a dead body within the Gotham Public Library. Placing these murders at red alert, the LIPD assigned these connected cases to their best, Investigator Wally.

For two months, Investigator Wally slaved over this mystery, trying to pinpoint the murderer’s identity. That is, until mid-January. Fellow colleagues of the famed investigator recall seeing Wally jumping around in his office yelling, “I think I got it!” and then standing in a shocked stupor for the next 30 minutes that day.

The next morning, members of the LIPD remember how crazed and fatigued Wally looked as he arrived at work, murmuring, “Something will happen tonight… Death, death…”, locking himself into his office immediately after.

The only other thing that any of the LIPD members could recall from that day were the sounds of frantic pacing, shuffling, and muttering coming from Wally’s office. It was further stated that Wally was still in his office late at night as everyone left for home.

Security footage of outside the LIPD building revealed that Investigator Wally left the building on foot at around 1:17 am. A few hours later, citizens reported hearing a scream coming from inside Walnut Grove Secondary School. Police arriving on scene found Investigator Wally’s body, dead on scene, the back of his head bludgeoned seemingly by a heavy book nearby.

Seeing this horrifying murder as a threat to the LIPD, the LIPD secretly moved their base of operations to WGSS, where the murderer would never expect them to be, also bringing Wally’s belongings and crime board about these murders with them.

Suspecting that Wally was killed by the same person responsible for the Library Murders for knowing his/her identity, the whole LIPD put their full attention on this case. No one could figure it out. That is, until a letter from Wally was found. Needing help with this mystery, the LIPD enlisted the help of the students of WGSS to bring this murderer to justice, once and for all.


*Stay tuned for the second part of this

document, in which we will finally reveal

who the true murderer is!


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