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Purpose of Podcasts


Podcasting is a digitally created sound file that can be downloaded to a computer of mobile device. Usually, the sound file is part of an ongoing series of files created as Episodes.

In educational circles, podcasting is gaining in popularity as a method for invoking critical and responsbile dialogue where rationale thought and analysis are valued over emotion and bias.

Current studies on podcasting focus on the value of listening as learning method, while encoroprating SAMR model digital content useful as a learning tool. See the completed pedagogical overview here.

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Podcasts in Classrooms

Podcasting is an exmaple of blended learning readily applicable to our current online environment (TEAMS). Students gain valueable experience in practice and performance with engaging other learners with deep-thought conversations relying heavily on prior research, orgainzation, and efficient communication.

Classroom Resources for Using Podcasts:

CBC Podcasts in Class - a number of teaching guides, lesson plans, and exmaples of using podcsting in curriculum-specific contexts.

ReadWriteThink - unit plans and strategies in developing learners into effective story-tellers and conversation narrators.

13 Creative Podcasts - ideas for adding different segments to your podcast

Sources for Images:

Clipart ETC

Maps ETC



Sources for Audio:

Royalty Free Music

Royaly Free Sound Effects

The FreeSound Project

A1 Free Sound Effects

Podcasts for You:

Science 360 - Tim Stephenson brings you discussions and interviews on all kinds of scientific concepts.

Listen and Learn: 40 Best Podcasts - great podcasts for you to listen to - educational and informative - but also great to study for your own style

Book Love - This podcast focuses on this essential question: How do we develop rich and rewarding reading experiences for every student? 

Additional Resources, Guides, and Templates can be found here on the Podcasting page.

Sample Podcasts:

Created by students here at WGSS - 

Urban Studies

Environmental Studies

Examples of Fedback:

[2/15 6:38 PM] Rencheng Ye

I love the style of natural theology, it makes me feel like I am talking with a close friend, background music is awesome! It is very detailed and makes people have an interest in it, love it!

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[2/16 4:40 PM] Yuan

I really enjoy Podcast 2. The structure and timing of the whole podcast look well-organized, and each point is connected naturally and smoothly. They used the background music, which sounds really peaceful and brings me a sense that I’m already surrounded by nature. They started with greenhouse gases, then talked about the reasons for environmental change, and lastly, they gave the solution to address the issues. I am impressed with their first point, which is deforestation. It is my first time having an insight into deforestation. They describe deforestation in great detail, and I really like the way they use inserted video audio and some effect sounds to support and connect their points. They used a clip to highlight the most major part of deforestation is agriculture, and then shifted to the second reason, which is industry and factories. In the second half of the podcast, they provided some solutions on how to deal with environmental change, such as not leaving water running unnecessarily, recycling, and voting for candidates that support green initiatives. I think this podcasting is a good example for me to do my  own podcasting.

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[2/16 8:28 PM] Thomas

Both Podcasts were solid. For the first Podcast I enjoyed the opening music and how calming the host was speaking. It was very peaceful. I was a fan of the fact that he referenced the book we are currently reading. I liked how he shined light on the fact that we should treat the Earth like a real thing, not just an object. Also I loved how he threw in some interesting facts as well like how tress legally own a small amount of land around them. I personal gripe I had with the podcast however was the fact that he talked a little too slow for my liking. I lost concentration multiple times while listening. 

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[2/16 8:41 PM] Thomas

For the second Podcast I loved how they started the podcast with some music and energy. It made the Podcast very engaging. I did find however that the music at some parts was a bit too loud though. The main topic, deforestation was a neat topic to learn about because I wasn't too familiar with it. However I would have loved for them to explain some ways I could help the situation as well. Also I generally liked the video clips they included in the podcast but I had some issues with them. There were too many videos and they were too long. I would liked to have learned the information from the hosts of the Podcasts instead of the videos, it felt a bit lazy. Overall both Podcasts were notable. I would give them both an A-. 

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[2/18 3:25 PM] Logan

I really enjoyed the nature theology podcast, i thought he was very well spoken and new the facts he was talking about. I could hear through his voice how interested he was in the topic and also how much he cared. The back ground music was soft and light and made me feel as if i was sitting in a cafe in Paris.

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[2/18 3:45 PM] Logan

The 2nd podcast was well done and a nice listen, i felt that the pauses where a bit long but i enjoyed the clips they added in and the information.

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[2/21 2:54 PM] Marcus

For the nature theology podcast I really enjoyed listening to such a calming and welcoming speech. The podcast was extremely thoughtful and meaningful. I like how this person included multiple sources from what our class is currently exploring and I also enjoyed how this person provided various perspectives that link to how our Earth is a sort of "mother figure." The background music was almost too soothing, however it matched pretty well with the tone of the entire podcast. Aside from the facts that were given, I especially liked how this person identified there own personal values toward the changing of our Earth, as well and what kinds of thoughts and concerns they may of had toward our current world crisis and changing climate.

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[2/21 3:17 PM] Marcus

For the 2nd podcast I really enjoyed the energy that was brought by the speakers, however the background music was slightly distracting and a bit too loud personally. I liked how the speakers included the multiple videos to add to the value of their podcast, it was very cool. The speakers touched upon many, if not all causes and effects of climate change and really exaggerated the message that society needs to change for the better of our Earth now, before it is too late. I also really enjoyed the pacing of the podcast and how the speakers mentioned how the effects of human activities right now, will undoubtedly effect our future generations negatively if we do not act upon the issue of climate change. Interesting so see how the speakers identify our current generation as "guardians" toward our environment. I though that this concept was extremely unique and true about today's society.

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[2/24 10:46 AM] Brady

I really liked the nature theology podcast; I think he was really well spoken and knowledgeable about the things he was discussing. I could tell how enthusiastic he was about the subject and how much he cared by the tone of his speech.

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[2/24 10:48 AM] Brady

The enthusiasm that the speakers brought to the second episode was fantastic, however the background music was little irritating and a little too loud for me. I thought it was really amazing how the speakers added numerous videos to maximize the value of their podcast. The presenters discussed many, if not all, of the causes and impacts of climate change, emphasising the importance of society changing for the betterment of our planet now, before it becomes too late. I particularly enjoyed the podcast's tempo and how the speakers emphasized how the current impacts of human activities will surely have a detrimental impact on future generations if we do not help the environment.

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[2/24 10:59 AM] Ishaan

Third podcast was delivered beautifully. They incorporated the message very well, supporting every back up evidence and detail. They were very confident in what they were saying, and clear of what message that they are trying to send to everyone. I really liked how their were certain pauses at times, so it didn’t become a whole chunk that would get boring. He was able to talk in such a way that it would intrigue the reader to listen, including the blend of the peaceful music that he added. Overall  it was a very good podcast, but a suggestion I may have in the future would be if it could have been shorted, maybe he could have used some different words to shorten his sentences but besides that, good job!

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[2/24 11:02 AM] Ishaan

Podcast 2 was also good, but at times the pauses were a bit too long, making it a bit boring to listen to. But either then that it was good

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[2/27 9:18 AM] Raewyn

Nature theology

The music throughout the podcast was calming and set the listener to ease, allowing them to be open to the ideas discussed throughout the podcast. I liked how the presenter connected and incorporated Braiding Sweetgrass into the discussion and maintained a consistent speaking pace throughout. The presentation was well structured, yet not overly scripted, allowing a natural flow to be present throughout. Bringing in additional sources from previous learning helped create connections and furthered learning and examples of how information is connected, as is nature. The argument was furthered by tying in legal aspects of nature, and how the Earth can legally be given the respect it deserves and protected due to its importance. This incorporated the idea that humans are a small part of history when considering everything nature has accomplished. The podcast allowed the listener to understand the connections in theology across cultures and the physical connections in the natural world.

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[2/27 9:18 AM] Raewyn

Podcast 2

The use of music was a good idea, however lowering the volume would have improved the overall ambience of the podcast. The pauses between the speakers are a little long and the speaking sounds slightly scripted. However, the podcast offered helpful and accurate information that increases the listeners’ awareness to the issue of deforestation in relation to climate change. The importance of strong forested environments is highlighted through the discussion. The inclusion of the clip from National Geographic strengthens the podcast as it offers information from professionals on the topic of discussion, increasing the validity of the information. Then, the speakers connect their discussion on deforestation to other causes of environmental issues, such as agriculture. By providing useful ideas that youth can do to help protect their environment was powerful and helped to provide hope for the next generation. Their conclusion asking what our legacy will be was powerful and inspiring, ending the podcast on a strong note.

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[3/2 8:15 PM] Abbey

I liked both podcasts. I like the music for the first one, not to loud and their voice was calming. The seconded one was kinda choppy in the way they were speaking but very good info for both

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[3/3 10:16 PM] Ligia

I found the nature theology podcast very calming and good to hear. The guy clearly knows what he is talking about and it’s very well spoken. The song in the background was very soft that complemented the experience. There were no long pauses which made me pay attention even more. Now, Podcast 2, I really liked the beginning, therefore the theme was very well introduced. However, the music on the background kind of annoyed me a little bit, because I thought it was too loud and there are too many long pauses. Apart from that, I really liked the tone of the person talking, she also clearly knows what she is talking about.

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[4/3 3:20 PM] Daniela

For the Nature Theology Podcast, the tone of the podcast was very calming and welcomed the listener. They seemed very passionate about the subject. I liked how Braiding Sweetgrass was incorporated into it because it added extra depth. The flow of it was consisted throughout and didn’t seem overly scripted. Overall I really liked how they helped guide the listener to find the connections of nature theology on different cultures and how they added a personalized point of view

[4/3 3:25 PM] Daniela

The second podcast was well done as well, however the intro was a bit loud for my taste and the background music would have been better at a lower volume. They were very enthusiastic and the multiple videos that they incorporated were a good idea to enhance their podcast. They provided lots of information about the effects of current human activities and they really emphasized that there will be profound effects on the Earth if nothing changes.

WGSS Podcast Tech

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Our studio is equiped with Rodecaster mics and ATK Professional Headsets, while the mixer is the RodeCaster Pro. The mixer is more than a device to control sound inout and output - it is an all-in-one recrding studio. Find more about our mixer here.



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