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Hundreds of webcams, featuring all different kinds of animals, including bats, herons, hummingbirds and quite a few different varieties of dogs (sanctuary, former canines, puppies, and more). 


Spotted Owl Webcam

Watch Canada’s most endangered owl as a captive breeding pair raise a chick. This is one of 97 fish and wildlife projects we’re funding in 2019-2020 to help conserve and enhance fish and wildlife in watersheds impacted by BC Hydro dams. Learn more about our projects and how you can apply for a grant.


TinyKittens: Rescue Kitten TV
TinyKittens Website

The Tiny Kittens Society, located in Langley, supports feral and foster cats/kittens. Watch the Kitten cam live 24/7 and visit the website to learn more about how you can help.


Hancock Wildlife Foundation: Eagle Cams

Check out these amazing Eagle cams, right here in B.C.!


Vancouver Aquarium: Live Cams

Jelly cam, Penguin cam, Sea Otter cam, and Underwater Otter cam!

1 (1).jpg

Calgary Zoo: Panda Cams

Three panda cams to choose from!

Virtual Tours
Virtual Tours


Travel across the earth!
Explore the vast collection of 360° Photos and Videos paired with descriptive articles!

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Virtual Museum

"Discover history, art, science, nature and more through virtual exhibits from Canada’s museums and heritage organizations."

5 Canadian Virtual Field Trips for Fun & Learning

Travel to the Arctic, or perhaps a Canadian Farm from your couch!


Jigsaw Puzzles

Play for free with people from around the world! Make an account, play with friends, never lose the last piece!

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Card Games

Choose from games like Go Fish, Crazy 8's, Memory, or create your own, share the link with friends, and you're ready to play!


Fantastic Contraption

A Flash-based physics game created by Canadian indie developer Colin Northway. Players assemble contraptions with the goal of moving the level's goal object past obstacles and into the goal area. Contraptions are built using various types of rods and wheels, may only be built in the workshop area, and must somehow get the goal object into the goal area by any means possible.

**Players can play the original version (2008) for free with a set of premade levels. **


Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that can help prepare students for the future workplace, building skills like collaboration, communication, critical thinking and systems thinking. It also offers features such as Code Builder, which allows students to learn to code in Minecraft using tools including, Tynker, Scratch and Microsoft MakeCode.

**Anyone with a valid O365 Education account can download a free Minecraft: Education Edition trial. There are a limited number of logins allowed before you will be asked to purchase a subscription. ** See the Library staff for your login information.


Type Racer

The award-winning online typing competition, TypeRacer, allows people to race each-other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. It is the first multiplayer typing game on the web.

Since launching in March 2008, millions of people from all over the globe have completed hundreds of millions of races. Challenge your friends and improve your typing speed!


Typing Club

Are you a two-fingered typist?  Does it take you forever to write an essay on the computer? 

It’s time to learn to touch type – for free!  Do a pre-test and work through the lessons charting your progress, comparing your stats, earning badges and participating in contests.  Better get that fire extinguisher ready because you will soon be one Fiery Typist! 


Lessons, tests, and games! Improve your typing skills and unlock achievements while you are at it. Play for free or create a free account to track your progress! 


Free Rice
Improve your vocabulary and help feed the hungry all in one game! For each answer you get right, Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. Create a free account and move up on the leader boards!

Britannica Quizzes
Test your knowledge on Animals, Arts and Culture, Food, Geography, Health and Medicine, History, Literature and Language, Music, Philosophy and Religion, Pop Culture, Science, Society, Sport and Recreation, and Technology.

Goodreads Quizzes
Test your knowledge of your favourite books, authors, and more by taking some very popular quizzes!

ICBC Practice Test

Are you ready to take you Learners test? Why not practice a few times first!


National Geographic Quizzes

How much do you know about Sharks, St. Patrick's Day, or even Mars? Test and develop your knowledge by taking a quiz! Also, check out their other games, videos, and activities!

Other Activities

Chrome Music Lab

Experiment with music! Make your own song, learn how to add in melody, record your voice, and get creative.  Check out Mrs. Harpur's version of "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish using the Chrome Music Lab. Check out some great how-to videos on Youtube.



8 million writers in more than 100 countries around the world use Storybird to tell their stories. Read the best writers, publish your work, and get expert feedback from teachers, professional editors, and authors.


Write…now! Choose from hundreds of lessons, quizzes, and writing prompts for all ages, or take our monthly Challenge.


LogoMakr (Free)

Create a logo for a project, or just for fun! Over 1million graphics to choose from to help you create your design! Check out the logo Mrs. Harpur made


Note: When you save, it will prompt you to subscribe. Make sure you select "No thanks, download low-resolution file".

Other Activitis
Slam Poetry Videos

Like a video? Share it with a friend!

Black Girl Magic – Mahogany L. Browne

Browne reveals the controversial, unfair and discriminatory expectations put on African American women living in North America. Her two minute slam poem reveals the inherent bias that African American women face and how they can overcome the challenges.

I Will Not Let an Exam Result Decide My Fate – Suli Breaks

This poem talks about how we have been made to think about how education and getting university degrees can give us opportunities to have a better chance in making our dream careers a reality. It also touches on how as individuals we are judged and tested by how well we perform on exams, but not all people perform well in exams so why are they made out to feel like they're dumb? 

Complainers – Rudy Francisco

Rudy exposes the reality of a bad day and what that looks like around the world and why it's important to gain perspective and remember that things could be worse.

Thoughts and Prayers – Guante

Guante challenges the double standard of power and uses poetry to reveal logic.

Somewhere in America - Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen

The 3 poets talk about the lessons learned in school and how the greatest lessons students learn do not come from textbooks.

“Dear White Girls in my Spanish Class” – Ariana Brown

Ariana discusses the colonialization of language and how it is implicit in learning a language and speaking a foreign language.

Slam Poetry
Stuff You Made

Check out this iMovie Trailer for the book  
Are You Seeing Me? by Darren Groth 
created by one of our Library TA's Emma!

Make your own iMovie Book Trailer and we will feature it on our website!

Are you seeing me - book trailer (Emma)
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Stuff you Made
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