Purpose of Podcasts

Podcasting is a digitally created sound file that can be downloaded to a computer of mobile device. Usually, the sound file is part of an ongoing series of files created as Episodes.

In educational circles, podcasting is gaining in popularity as a method for invoking critical and responsbile dialogue where rationale thought and analysis are valued over emotion and bias.

Current studies on podcasting focus on the value of listening as learning method, while encoroprating SAMR model digital content useful as a learning tool. See the completed pedagogical overview here.

Podcasts in Classrooms

Podcasting is an exmaple of blended learning readily applicable to our current online environment (TEAMS). Students gain valueable experience in practice and performance with engaging other learners with deep-thought conversations relying heavily on prior research, orgainzation, and efficient communication.

Classroom Resources for Using Podcasts:

CBC Podcasts in Class - a number of teaching guides, lesson plans, and exmaples of using podcsting in curriculum-specific contexts.

ReadWriteThink - unit plans and strategies in developing learners into effective story-tellers and conversation narrators.

Podcasts for You:

Listen and Learn: 40 Best Podcasts - great podcasts for you to listen to - educational and informative - but also great to study for your own style



WGSS Podcast Tech

Our studio is equiped with Rodecaster mics and ATK Professional Headsets, while the mixer is the RodeCaster Pro. The mixer is more than a device to control sound inout and output - it is an all-in-one recrding studio. Find more about our mixer here.



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