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Podcasting 101

What is a Podcast?

Podcasting is a digitally created sound file that can be downloaded to a computer of mobile device. Usually, the sound file is part of an ongoing series of files created as Episodes.

Podcast files can be uploaded to online podcasting platforms that in turn push these new files to subscription services that then inform users of new audio content being created. Users can specificy alerts for certain sound files by subscribing to the chosen content creator or their show.

Why Podcast?

It's fun to connect! As a content creator you can instantly gain an audience for your work. Sharing with others connects you to a larger world and like-minded people willing to share in return. 

Conversations are meaningful. Podcasting allows time to talk and dig into a topic and the interviewee. Thoughtful conversation with proper research on guests and questions that go beyond surface-level answers can provide supirsingly interesting and provoking ideas.

Convenient and easy to slot into your day. Podcast popularity comes from the ease you have in when and where to listen. Dowloading podcasts allows your audience to be doing mundane tasks and still be able to catch up on your lastest episode.

Another way to learn about what you are passionate about. 

Whether you are a content creator or a consumer, podcasting is really about sharing what interests you with others. Great conversation comes from great ideas - and sharing them! 

How to Podcast at WGSS


Do some investigating into podcasting for yourself. Download a podcast you are interested in from one of the providers mentioned below and see what you like and do not like about the show style and content. Check out these helpful tips sites on what makes for a better podcast. Most of the work is done before the mic is ever turned on.

Tips and Tricks Sites:

NPR Tips and Tricks for Students Podcasting

Buzzsprout Tips For Beginners

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Podcast Download Sites:

Google Podcasts

Apple itunes


A list of other great free podcasting apps.

How to Write Scripts - Podcast Scripting

Writing Show Notes

Templates for Show Notes

Templates for Show - Basic

How to Write Scripts II - Podcast Scripting Intro and Next Level

Podcast Scripting Suggestions and Templates

Doing an Interview - Tips

Book a session in the WGSS Library Podcast Studio. Our library now hosts a podcasting studio complete with four mic/headphone seats, conversation table, and set. Tutorials and studio bookings are available through the library.

Polish your recording.  Most podcasts take some editing to transform them into a polished product. Audacity is a free and simple audio editing program availbe to downlaod at home or use on any library computer. This programs allows you to mix audio clips to make it sound seemless and natural.


Create an account with an online podcast host site. Once our recording is polished, have an account ready with a podcast hosting site. These sites usauly have a resonable free plan to start, curate your recodings, and push them to big contnet providers (itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.). Many of these providers also haave analytics to track how well your recordings are doing through number of downloads. Your librarian can help in selecting a provider ans getting an account set up.

Top podcasting sites include:



Be ready to interact with your curious listeners. The best way to understand how your show is doing is by the responses you can get from those listening. Make sure to include an email account and/or allow commenting (most sites allow you to control the comments section) and read the feedback. Good, constructive critiquing is useful in making your show better, while inquiring questions about your content can spur on additonal shows, or even find you reaching out to commentors as potential guests on the show!

Consitency is key to long-term success.  Providing regualr episodes for a show is what is going to attract and grow your audience. Plan for a series of shows on the topics and a consistent theme that you decided on at the beginning and record a complete season. This does not mean you canno change formats or ideas about a show, but it does help focus your ideas towards a common purpose for a particular show. Got more ideas? Save them for another show idea or revamp your current show in season two.


Podcasts at WGSS

Podcasting at WGSS is live!

Some of our sample school podcasts:

Liam and Max podcastArtist Name
00:00 / 05:40
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