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  • Teen Reads is a great place to find out more about the books you love and meet other book lovers. The commentary is witty and insightful. This blog is a must see for any teen bibliophile.

  • Reading Rants is an amazing book blog, full of reviews of recommended titles. It is created for teens who are looking for a good read, but don’t know if there’s anything out there past Judy Bloom and Lemony Snickett. It doesn’t shy away from more serious novels or wrap teenagers in cotton wool. It’s honest and beautiful.

  • Bibliomaniac A teen book blog actually written by a teen? Impossible! Or, maybe not. Bibliomaniac is a British girl in year 11 (Grade 11 for us Canadians) who has plenty to say about books, as well as reading in general. She’s funny, but not afraid to be honest and she doesn’t pull punches.

  • Deathbooksandtea is another teen blogger. She’s got an inside look into the world of teen writing and she understands what you’re looking for in a book. Her reviews are clear, honest and (usually) spoiler free. She’s a great resource and a ton of fun.


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