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The WGSS Library Advisory Council (LAC) began in 2009, and has grown into an active group of about 15 to 20 students who invest in the school library.  Students from Grades 8-12 are invited to bring their ideas, enthusiasm, and opinions to after school meetings - usually held on the first Wednesday of each month. 

The students offer honest feedback on library plans and goals, make suggestions for fiction and manga titles, select furniture for our remodelling plans, do fundraising, and this year have offered suggestions for the creation of our new library website. 

Past projects include: writing the library's mission statement, hosting a Poetry Slam, holding Book Swaps, sponsoring lunchtime Music Concerts, selecting new Manga and Graphic Novel superhero titles, giftwrapping at Willowbrook Mall, hosting a book drive for fire-ravaged South Okanagan Secondary, collecting used glasses for Haiti, and sponsoring injured owls.

See Mr. Janzen, WGSS Teacher Librarian, for more information on joining the LAC and check the Library whiteboard for upcoming meeting times.  We'd love to have you join us.

Social Responsibility

When you think of libraries, what animal comes to mind? Bookworms maybe, or service dogs? For the LAC, our animal is the owl! Like Athena, the ancient goddess of wisdom, the LAC is a proud protector of owls that have had their own series of unfortunate events. Every year, our club selects an owl to sponsor through The Owl Foundation.

Visit the Owl Foundation to learn more about their work.

Watch a short video which shows Inside the Owl Foundation



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