When the school first opened in 1991, only the first phase of the school was completed with the left wing (near the track) still in construction. However, in order to make it work, the Office, Library, Cafeteria, Staff, Band, and Choir rooms were all combined into one area. This area would later become what we know today as the Library Annex and the main Library.


Could you imagine buying food in the library? The Library Annex has a folding wall which divided the space into two sections. The side closer to the windows was where the original Staff Room was located. On the other side, near the hall doorway, was the Cafeteria where sandwiches were sold from a small cart.


When the band was playing the entire school could hear it! This was due to the glass windows in the Library, so working classrooms had to cooperate by closing their doors.


Mrs. MacDonald

1991 - 1995

Mrs. Livingstone

1995 - 2005

Mrs. Proske

2005 - Present

The History of the Library was investigated and written by Melanie Chen, 2018.




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