What's Up?

What's Up?

In-Class Activities, Instagram, Library Contest, and More!

Mr. Moslinger

BCIT Tournament

Our amazing Robotics students participated in Pacific Regional Championships at BCIT. There were around 100 teams that participated. Even though our students did not qualify for the Provincials, they had a lot of fun.

Check out these pictures and see their incredible work!

Electronic Code-A-Mask: Design, Build, Program and Challenge Project


Students were challenged to build an electronic code-a-mask. Communication with the student wearing the mask is done via electronic coding and a remote, no talking allowed! The students must code the mask to have mask wearers perform certain tasks, like ... a game of capture the flag, solve a maze or even manipulate robotic game pieces. Whoever completes the task(s) in the fastest times is awarded the champion's prize!

Mr. Gordon

Ink line drawings

See more fabulous art created by WGSS Students displayed in the Library and in the display case outside Room 164.

Mrs. Johnson

Ceramics Projects

See more fabulous art created by WGSS Students displayed in the Library and in the display case outside Room 108.

Ms. Leonard and Ms. Tucker's Humanities 10

Great Canadian Figures

Want to make your own Canva?

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We have collected
 722 pairs
and counting!

Where do the glasses go? Watch a video clip about
 IRIS Mundial 2017 

Who helped Investigator Wally solve the murders?

The winner of our Crime Contest was...

*Don't ask! Draws will be done whenever we feel like it. 

Thank you to all who participated!

Evan G.
Who was the murderer?
Mrs. Harpur!
Stay tuned for our next contest...




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